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Are you 3D blind ?

You can use stereopsis testing equipment to know. You will find below some vocabulary to help you while learning about the stereopsis tests developed and sold by visionassessment and described here.



The visual perception of depth, or the ability to see three-dimensionally. For this to occur, the person must be binocular. Also : Awareness of the relative distances of objects from the observer, by means of binocular vision only and based on retinal disparity.

Details about Stereopsis are available in chapter 2 of our "Digital Stereoscopy" book.


A polarized stereogram is a pair of polarized images at 90° from each other. When viewed through polarizers it presents one image to one eye and another image to the other eye.The Vectograph is a chart based on this principle in which almost one half of a chart is seen by one eye and almost the other half by the other eye. It is used to detect stereopsis defects. Read the vectogrma definition in thefreedictionary here.

The TITMUS test

The Titmus stereotest consists of various vectograms, including one with a stereoscopic pattern representing a housefly, to establish whether the patient has gross stereopsis.



France tests 3D sports in cinemas

Orange  is a TV operator in France. After testing tennis in Roland-Garros, they broadcasted a OL-PSG football match in April 2009. The event was projected on 3D screens in Parc des Princes and in the Stade de Gerland.

Read the paper in here.


Really BIG Lenticular images from Italy

Lenticular imagery is based on a principle known since the beginning of the 20th century. And recently such technology have been improved by TreD s.r.l. In the last few years the TreD’s research and development department have focused on producing lenticular imagery in maxi format.  TreD recently managed to solve problems related to synchronization of giant lenticular panels made of (1,20 m x 2,40 m) modules available for indoor and outdoor use.

You will find technical explanations and several examples on their website (in anglo-italian).



Na'vi are blue and armed with bows...

The new age is coming...

Blue aliens, 10ft tall and armed with bows and arrows, are set to change our world. The extraterrestrial Na’vi are not only the stars of a forthcoming blockbuster film called Avatar, the director James Cameron’s first big movie since Titanic, but also harbingers of a new age of cinema. Read the feelings from Jean Harlow and Helen Brooks in the TimesOnLine here.