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Pace, Vince

Vince Pace is well known in the 3D community. His company PaceHD provides shooting and post-production services. He was DOP on movies such as Spy Kids 3D, and Aliens of the Deep.

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Kleijn, Kommer

Kommer Kleijn is a Dutch director of photography, motion control cinematographer, 
and stereographer specialised in special one-of-a-kid projects.  He co-developed new 3D camera systems since 1998 and was DOP on the "Haunted Castle" movie shot in Imax-3D in 1999 and on "Devils Mine - the return" among others.

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Cameron, James

James Cameron is a Canadian film director, producer, screenwriter and a long time stereography advocate. He is known for many reasons, but you have certainly seen some of its movies: Titanic, Terminator, True Lies and others with names not starting with a 'T'.

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Lipton, Lenny

Lenny Lipton is a pioneer in stereoscopy and the author of Foundations of the Stereoscopic Cinema published in 1982 but nevertheless full of worthy information. The book is available for free to download at several places on the web (i.e. here) [32Mb, .pdf].


Lenny Lipton is one of the co-founders of Oculus, a new 3D startup going into analog 3D cinema.


Lenny's page on Wikipedia is here. Read the book online here on ISSU.


Look at this 07:03 video on YouTube about the RealD projection system.


Mendiburu, Bernard

Bernard Mendiburu is a French/US stereographer active since around 1990, famous for -among others- his work on "Meet the Robinsons". He is also the author of the stereoscopic compositing toolbox for Adobe After Effects. He is the author of  "3D Movie Making" and of "3DTV and Cinema". He is now appointed director of innovation at Volfoni Intellingent Eyewear (Paris, France).

3dmoviemaking 3DTVandCinema-200px


Bernard works on the west coast and in Paris and lives somewhere in between on a remote island...

He is a member of the supervising committee for the European 3D Stereo Media conference, advisory board on 3D content creation quality to the 3D@Home ST1 group, co-chair of Dimension3 Conference, member of SMPTE, IEEE, and International 3D Society.

He has a personal website with many details.