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Worried about Passive 3DTV Resolution?

If you have concerns about losing half the pixels of your stereoscopic 3D image on 3DTVs using passive glasses, LG has the answer!

LG (Korea) announced that they will unveil at the CES (in January 2012) the LW6500, a quadruple resolution stereoscopic 3DTV set with a 84" size and a 3,840 x 2,160 pixels resolution. Even if the passive technology means you are losing every second pixel, you are nevertheless left with two times the usual pixel count of the best 3DTV sets on the market.

With passive glasses, there is no flicker at all as with active glasses; and passive glasses are cheap. Will this incentive be enough to overcome the (huge) price of the LW6500 behemoth? Maybe for wealthy families with more than 15 children...

lg-84-inch-UD-3d-tv 250px

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Simple way to put 3DS videos on YouTube

There are many ways to put a 3D video clip shot on the Nintendo 3DS on YouTube. The easiest one is obviously to use the free StereoMovie Maker application. The last beta version released this December directly supports the 3DS video format.

 Nintendo-3DS 250px

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Eldorado, a 3D Cannibal Musical

The comedy horror musical movie "Eldorado 3D" will be released in Blu-ray 3D on January 30th, 2012. Pre-oders are open on Amazon UK for 13.99£. No sign of Eldorado on Amazon US for now... David Carradine, Darryl Hannah and Brigitte Nielsen are on board  of this Richard Driscoll movie.

Eldorado-3D 250px

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StreamTV strikes again...

Back in May 2010, StreamTV (Philadelphia, USA) started pre-orders for 37" and 42" glasses-free 3D TVs which never shipped. At CES 2011 the company unveiled the Elocity range of glasses-free 3D TVs (42", 56", 60"), which didn't ship either. For CES 2012, StreamTV (the same company) announces Ultra-D, a new range of glasses-free 3DTV sets that will revolutionize the audiovisual landscape and even convert any 2D feed to autostereoscopic 3D. The company is claiming that Ultra-D "surpasses all 3D viewing experiences offered to date". We will wait January 9th before confirming any such claim...

 ultra-D 250px

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The cheapest 3D TV found on

The Vizio E3D420VX is a bargain-priced 42-inch 3D TV with lots of extra features, including Internet streaming. Reviewers are impressed with the 3D functionality and color accuracy is quite good. Vizio has a reputation for making good, affordable television sets. The Vizio E3D420VX is a bit pricier than some of similar size sets, but it's one of the few 3D TVs that fall into the Cheapism price range at 729.99 US$ (official price, some discounts are possible).

The Vizio E3D420VX is a passive 3DTV set, so the needed glasses are very cheap too! Two pairs of the lightweight non-powered glasses are included in the price. The negative points about the E3D420VX is its 2D picture quality that falls a bit short of competitors, as its black level is more dark grey than pure black. It has also some problems reproducing 1080p/24 cadence and off-angle viewing is to be avoided.

lg vizio_lg_250px

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