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StereoscopyNews Issue #123

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Issue #123
10 January 2012

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Stereoscopic Player 1.7.8

One more version for Stereoscopic Player from 3DTV (Linz, Austria)! The brand new 1.7.8 was relased today with one main new feature: support for the 3D+Depth input format. As the future of 3D Broadcast is tightly connected to this format, 3DTV.AT bring us here an extremely useful tool to test, check, and experiment this not so common (yet) format. Learn more on 2D+Depth in our June 15, 2011 paper.

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Reminiscence by Celine Tricart

There is a local 3D short competition in France opposing young directors on the Dailymotion video portal with a national distribution contract at stake. 

We took the opportunity to have a second look at "Reminiscence" from French stereographer Céline Tricart that we presented here in May 2010. Watch the 6 minutes short film here under (in 3D of course).

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3D Storytelling 2012

Top international professionals from the Film, Television and Gaming industry will gather together at 3D Storytelling 2012in London, UK on March 22-23, 2012 to learn more about the 3D innovative ways to enhance audience experience.

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3DGO! Video on demand service by Sensio

SENSIO Technologies Inc. (Montreal, Canada) announces the launch of a 3D Video-on-Demand (VoD) store: 3DGO! With 3DGO!, consumers across the US will benefit from a complete and user friendly 3D solution to access and view high-quality 3D titles in the SENSIO 3D format.

Available in Spring 2012, 3DGO! will offer a wide variety of dedicated 3D content, ranging from blockbuster studio titles to must-see documentaries, to consumers whose 3DTVs support SENSIO 3D technology. Quality demo video here under.

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Red Scarlet Video Review

The RED ScarletX 4K camera is a wise choice to equip a 3D mirror rig for cinema shooting. But it is new, and not well known yet. This may change fast, and a new two-part video review by Cinema 5D will help many of us understand how the new RED is working. Watch it here under.

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LE-3D Stereoscopic Color Legaliser

Eyeheight (Watford, UK) has chosen BVE 2012 as the UK launch venue for the world’s first dual-channel stereoscopic 3D video legaliser.

The LE-3D allows legalisation parameters for left and right video channels to be adjusted from a single operating panel to ensure precise compliance with internation color and brightness standards. 

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GoPRO Hyperstereoscopic shooting

If you buy one of the new stereoscopic GoPRO 3D HERO kits, you are limited to the 45 mm fixed interaxial of the dual waterproof housing. To shoot landscapes or other far away subjects, you will need a larger stereo base (a.k.a. interaxial distance, a.k.a. IoD). So in order to take hyperstereoscopic shots you have to bolt a couple of standard GoPRO housings on a rigid alumimium ruler and extend the electric connection between both cameras. Details and video samples here under.

gopro-3D-hero-2 250px

The stereoscopic HD 3D Hero kit costs 99.99$ without the cameras, but is provided with a lot of accessories. The cameras may be GoPRO HD HERO or GoPRO HD Hero 2.

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