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StereoscopyNews Issue #125

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Issue #125
24 January 2012

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Ideum 65 Inches Multitouch Screen

Ideum (Corrales, NM, USA) is releasing its massive 65-inch MT65 Presenter featuring a multitouch 3D stereoscopic screen with an integrated computer, built-in audio, and webcam all packed into a 4-inch deep hardened aluminum frame. Ideum offers multitouch screens of various sizes, usable as video walls, video tables, or computer screens. There is even a vertical transparent 46" display. Imagine the Crown's jewels display or the Monterey aquarium (they did it !) with a transparent informative screen pretecting it from visitors...

IDEUM-MT65 250px

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CPG goes down under (and under water too)

James Cameron has opened an Australian office to encourage more 3D movies and TV shows, including live sports broadcasts.

Having executive produced Sanctum, a stereoscopic 3D Australian movie, he is now planning to pilot a submersible to the 7-mile deep Mariana Trench, north of Papua New Guinea, for a feature-length documentary. He commissioned the single seater sub  for around 7 M$.

 necker-nymph 250px

The Necker sub above is NOT the one Cameron will use.

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WealthTV Free 3D Channel

Herring Broadcasting's WealthTV is delving into the lifestyles of the rich and stereoscopic with the launch of a 24-hour linear 3D entertainment channel that initially is available free to users of the Internet-connected Roku set-top box. WealthTV 3D is currently available to Roku's 2.5 million connected boxes throughout the U.S.

Wealth-TV-3D 250px

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Lucas's Red Tails, a 2D film with 3D sound

"Red Tails", the last child of Georges Lucas is a 2D film with 3D sound. Released on January 20, 2012, Red Tails is the first movie in Barco's "Auro-3D" 11.1 sound format in the few happy theaters already fitted with this revolutionary new sound system.

Scoop of the day : George Lucas is retiring from the movie business ! Details here under.

red-tails 250px

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ViewMaster 3D Soon on your iPhone

Fisher-Price (East Aurora, USA), a subsidiary of Mattel, announces a new partnership with SpatialView, the stereo 3D content distributor and auto-stereoscopic display add-on maker. Fisher-Price will offer a selection of images from the View-Master image archive, the largest collection of 3D still images in the world. Over 1,500,000,000 View-Master disks were sold since 1939.

“The View-Master archive is a virtual treasure-trove of 3D imagery capturing over 100 years of history and culture,” said Peter Snajczuk, Vice President of Marketing for Fisher-Price. “We’re thrilled to be working with Spatial View to make these spectacular images available digitally for download from to a variety of 3D mobile devices and Internet-connected 3D TVs.”

Ther online store Viewmasterdigital3D will be launched this spring. 3D images for your mobile will be sold in packs of 18 to 21 images for $1.99. Just add a 3DeeSlide sheet on your mobile phone screen,and you will be able to see View-Master images in 3D!

ViewMaster-3D 250px

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'Avatar 2' Taking Hints From 'Hugo'

You don't need a lengthy search on to know who the King of the 3D World is right now. The stereoscopic world is firmly in the hands of James Cameron. However, producer John Landau recently conceded that the sequel to James Cameron's science fiction epic, Avatar, the highest grossing film of all time, is still four years away.

A full seven years after the first film, Avatar 2 will hit theaters in 2016. The good news is that since Avatar 3 will be filmed at the same time, its release won't be as staggered. Landau also indicated that the film would be filmed high frame rate and all signs point to the technology behind the sequel being significantly more advanced.

Avatar2 250px

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LO3D still camera for lenticular displays

Allen Lo from LO3D (Hong-Kong) is the inventor of the Nimslo 3D camera (in 1980). Together with company partners who pioneered 3D photo imaging – Nimslo 3D film cameras, Kodak & Konica 3D single-use film cameras –, Allen Lo has been working on 3D technology for nine years. LO3D presented at the CES the first commercial 3D digital printer, 3D digital paper for prints, 3D digital cameras as well as  autostereoscopic digital photo frames.

Here under the 3-lenses and the 6-lenses cameras made for taking pictures with enough views to produce beautiful lenticular prints : weddings, portraits, commercial pack shots,...

LO3D-camera 250px

LO3D-camera-2 250px

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