“Conquest of the Skies,” a two-parts series by Sky 3D

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Conquest of the Skies” will be written and presented by Sir David Attenborough and produced by Colossus Productions, the joint venture partnership set up between Sky 3D and Atlantic Productions to develop original 3D titles.  And just before releasing the new series, they will also produce "Natural History Museum Adventure", a 90-minute documentary, also in stereoscopic 3D format.

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Conquest of the Skies” will last two times 90-minutes and is due for broadcast in late 2014.

Sky 3D’s previous Attenborough collaborations are Flying Monsters 3D, The Bachelor King 3D, Kingdom Of Plants 3D, Galapagos 3D and the soon-to-premiere Micro Monsters 3D

Anthony Geffen, executive producer and ceo of Atlantic Productions and creative director of Colossus Productions, says, “these projects will allow us to push the boundaries in terms of 3D in terms of story-telling and technology.”

Source: RealScreen, televisual.

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