A new Orange Dailymotion 3D channel

on Monday, 22 August 2011 01:00. Posted in TV channels and experiments

From early 2012, French IPTV operator Orange plans to introduce a 3D channel on Dailymotion dedicated to user-generated stereoscopic content. It is also to engage Orange 3D subscribers in a multi-screen strategy on tablets and smartphones which will enable them to view 3D content seamlessly on different devices.



ESPN3D moves to 5D

on Saturday, 13 August 2011 21:15. Posted in TV channels and experiments

ESPN's 3D and 2D production now come off the same production trucks and cameras, a cost-effective solution some at ESPN have nicknamed "5D" (for 2D plus 3D).

"When we were doing the NBA Finals, there were two very large sets of trucks there, the HD fleet and the 3D trucks," says Jed Drake, senior veep and exec producer for ESPN 3D. "That's a very expensive proposition, but with 5D production, we're going to be able to produce more 3D because it's less expensive."



3D Village founded by Sisvel

on Saturday, 18 June 2011 19:25. Posted in TV channels and experiments

Sisvel (Italy) launched 3D Village at the Forum Europeo sula televisione digitale (Naples, Italy, 12 June 2011), a collaboration of partners involved in 3D broadcasting. The 3D Village will provide a forum for content providers, manufacturers and researchers, together with broadcasters delivering 3D services including early adopters of Sisvel Technology's  3D Tile Format2, such as QuartaRete TV, Città Digitali, and Astra.



2012 Olympics to be broadcast in 3D

on Saturday, 06 August 2011 19:50. Posted in TV channels and experiments

The Hollywood Reporter announces that the 2012 Olympics will get 3D treatment for at least 10 venues covered by 3D broadcast cameras with the help of EVS XT-3 servers.



Sensio optimist about 3D TV

on Saturday, 18 June 2011 19:12. Posted in TV channels and experiments

Sensio (Montreal, Canada) is planning for a resurgence of home 3-D TV set sales in the next year.

“By the end of 2010, we realized the sales numbers were not there. We then got feedback from consumers. We learned two major things: consumers want more content and they want a better user experience. We are now dealing with both issues.”


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