'Stereoscopic 3D Art by Women' Exhibition

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As part of Wired Women S@lon, Studio XX (Montreal, Canada) is proud to be presenting artists Cynthia Naggar, Leila Sujir, Maria Lantin, Alison Loader, Emily Pelstring and Rebecca Saint John, hosting an evening of artist talks and the launch of the exhibition The Distance Between: Stereoscopic 3D Art by Women which took place from May 17 to June 7, 2012 at Studio XX.

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The distance Between

The Distance Between is an exhibition of 3D stereoscopic work by women artists working with a range of technologies, from handheld stereoscopic viewers to interactive video. Each work gives consideration to connections between the body and the virtual 3D environment, whether by inviting gestural interaction or providing immersive viewing experiences that play on our sense of scale.

By presenting a variety of creative approaches made possible by the recent proliferation of stereoscopic devices for the consumer market, the exhibition seeks to encourage other artists to begin exploring the conceptual possibilities offered by these newly accessible tools.

This exhibition is made possible with support from Janro Imaging Laboratory, home of Sandde software.

Pictures from the exhibition are available here.

Studio XX

Studio XX is located 4001 Rue Berri, Suite 201 . Montréal . Québec . H2L 4H2 . tél: 514-845-7934. Visit Studio XX for more info.

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