Weird Side of 3D: Young/Mature

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Communication Agency Ponce Buenos Aires produced one the weirdest stereoscopic ad ever, called "Young/Mature" for Axe-Unilever (a.k.a. Lynx in the UK). In this production, two different movies are offered to your left and right eye, so watch it with one eye closed but NEVER with both as nausea and headache are guaranteed in this case. The 'right' movie shows how to seduce a young blond woman while the 'left' shows more or less the same story with a (slightly) more mature brunette...

"Don't tell my mother l'm in advertising, she thinks l play piano in a whorehouse."

The 3D stereoscopic cinema technology allowed the agency to create two simultaneous stories where the audience may choose to see one or the other just by closing one eye. The cinema experience is via any kind 3D glasses; we offer the red/cyan anaglyph version here under. So grab tow of your colored glasses pairs and watch this video twice, once in red/red mode and the other in cyan/cyan!

Young mature stereoscopic ad


The effect is strange enough so if you don't want compression artifacts, select the 1080p HD resolution for this 2min29 video!


Find Axe on the web. Ponce Buenos aires is here.

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