Stereoscopic Player 1.9.9 is Available

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Stereoscopic Player 1.9.9 is available for download since January 31, 2013. Stereoscopic Player is a versatile 3D movie player for your PC written by Peter Wimmer from 3DTV.at. It is the most used 3D player in the PC world.

This update fixes a few errors,  including the visible cursor in full screen mode that disappears now automatically. New "jump forward" and "jump backward" commands are added and a new version of the JPEG2000 decoder is included.


Version 1.9.7,1.9.8, and 1.9.9 Modifications

  • Fixed: Mouse cursor does not disappear in fullscreen mode.
  • Added 'VP8 Video Decoder', 'Vorbis Audio Decoder' and 'RealMedia Stream Splitter' categories to the preferred filters configuration.
  • Added the Matroska splitter filter as preferred splitter for WebM files.
  • Added jump forward and jump backward commands.
  • Added configuration options for jump commands to settings dialog.
  • Changed: Updated JPEG2000 decoder.
  • Fixed: JPEG images are always opened with monoscopic layout (1.9.9).

Download or purchase Stereoscopic Player

Stereoscopic Player is developed and maintained by Peter Wimmer from 3DTV.AT. Stereoscopic Player is available from 39 Euros. The free demo version works well but stops after 5 minutes, enough for you to test the product before purchase.

The update is free for all registered users.

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