3D Stereoscopic Calculator

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The 3D Stereoscopic Calculator is a free Windows-based software by Clinton Rocksmith. The history behind this nice small piece of code is described here by Clinton under the title "Should you use a 3D calculator?".


Starting with DV capture and display and moving to 4:2:2 SDI capture, this program should be able to give you the toolset you need for capturing your images in the field with minimal Post Production. Clinton Rocksmith promises future updates dealing with more aspects of your 3D pre-production?so recheck regularly the place !

The 3D Stereoscopic Calculator is a free tool downloadable from the ClintonRocksmith website here.

Note: The 3DTV Yahoo forum recently discussed this other stereoscopic calculator -written by Imre Zsolnai and Bill Glickman- intended to help create anaglyph pictures.

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