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SpaceTop is a new 3-D desktop developed by Jinha Lee and Cati Boulanger at MIT labs. It was demonstrated at the annual TED conference in Long Beach (California, USA) in February and attracted a lot of attention. This new way of interacting with a computer is combining a 3D interface with 3D gesture controls, a smart convergence that will likely become more common.

SpaceTop is a unique combination of a transparent display and 3D gesture detection algorithm collocates input space and stereoscopic rendering without tethering or encumbering users with wearable devices.

Watch the live demo here under.

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Video Demo

A New Interaction Paradigm

Despite advances in 3D sensing and display technologies, our interaction with desktop interfaces has remained stagnant from the form that evolved under 2D I/O modalities. The SpaceTop see-through 3D stereoscopic desktop is a 3D spatial operating environment that allows the user to directly interact with his or her virtual desktop.

The user can reach into the projected 3D output space with his/her hands to directly manipulate the windows. Users can casually open up the see-through 3D desktop and type on the keyboard or use a trackpad as in traditional 2D operating environment. Windows or files are perceived to be placed in a 3D space between a screen and the input plane. The user can lift up his hands to reach the displayed windows and arrange them in this 3D space.

Source: Wired, JinhaLee.

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