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SENSIO Technologies announced earlier this month a 3D stereoscopic VOD content license agreement with The Walt Disney Studios to make 3D movies available for on-demand rental on SENSIO's 3DGO! service. The service is beginning in March 2013 on selected devices across the US.

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3DGO! is a dedicated 3D VOD service that offers the largest selection of high-quality 3D content to consumers whose 3DTVs support the SENSIO(R) Hi-Fi 3D technology, such as Hollywood blockbusters, must-see documentaries and special interest content.

For a current list of compatible devices, please visit www.3DGO.com. At launch, more than 20 initial Disney titles in a variety of genres ranging from animated classics to adventure movies, will be made available in the US according to specific availability windows. Sample titles available to 3DGO! for 3D on-demand rental include Disney-Pixar's Academy Award(R)-winning Best Animated film "Brave" and Disney's "Frankenweenie."

3DGO! is the world's first dedicated 3D VOD service offering a wide variety of content, including Hollywood studio titles, to 3DTV owners in the US. The application offers consumers quick and easy access to a wide 3D library, which SENSIO commits to continue developing. Neither subscription nor additional equipment is required making it a simple, inexpensive and ideal way to watch 3D in the home.


3DGO! uses the award-winning SENSIO(R) Hi-Fi 3D technology, a unique frame-compatible technology providing high-fidelity stereoscopic images using conventional 2D channels. For further information on SENSIO and its technologies: www.sensio.tv


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