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The New 2D to 3D Converter by MIT is supposed to be Better

Researchers at MIT and the Qatar Computing Research Institute (QCRI) presented the new 2D-3D conversion system in November 2015 at the Association for Computing Machinery’s Multimedia conference. 

On the plus side, the unconventional method provides a very convincing stereoscopic 3D effect, with no visual artifacts. The researchers conducted a user study in which the majority of subjects gave the -D effect a rating of 5 (“excellent”) on a five-point (“bad” to “excellent”) scale; the average score was between 4 (“good”) and 5. On the minus side, the method works only for soccer matches...

Examples 320px

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Legend3D Appoints New Managers

Legend3D -the 2D-to-3D conversion company- announces two director level appointments and a new general manager. Adam Li will be joining the company as Director of Software Engineering, Stephanie Winslow will serve as the new Director of Business Development, and Robert McInnis, previously Legend3D Director of Compositing, will move into the role of General Manager.

 Legend3D 250px

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Gimpel3D Stereoscopic Conversion Software is Now Opensource

The Gimpel3D source code has been released in open source under the GPL licence and is available on SourceForge.

Developed by René Gimpel, an independent stereoscopic 3D researcher between 2008 and 2011, Gimpel3D is recognized for its advanced modeling features not seen in similar programs (including commercial packages at the time of release). Gimpel3D converts still images and video into stereoscopic 3D using a combination of traditional approaches and a proprietary projective modelling system.

Since the original freeware release, many of the ideas presented in G3D have become standard features in commercial software. As a result, there is no more significant advantage to developing G3D as a stand-alone proprietary solution. 

Gimpel3D Banner 250px

 Gimpel3D 250px

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"Moulin Rouge 3D" is a Possibility

According to Entertainment Weekly Radio, Baz Luhrmann is more than interested in converting his 2001 blockbuster "Moulin Rouge" to stereoscopic 3D format.

It seems that Luhrmann, "Great Gatsby" director,  is convinced that 2D-to-3D conversion is now mature enough. He added "I think in a strange way I was trying to make a 3D movie" speaking about "Moulin rouge".

Moulin Rouge 250px

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World War Z: 3D Converted by Prime Focus

Prime Focus World delivered View-D stereo 3D conversion services for Brad Pitt’s apocalyptic horror movie World War Z. The film opens in the US and UK on 21 July 2013.

WWZ 250x392

The Story

Directed by Marc Forster (Monster’s Ball, The Kite Runner, Quantum of Solace) for Paramount Pictures, and based on the novel of the same name by Max Brooks, World War Z sees United Nations employee Gerry Lane (Pitt) travelling the world to stop a deadly zombie pandemic that is defeating armies and bringing down governments.

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