Lolita Jolie - La Première fois

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Alaric Hamacher and its team at Virtual Experience strike again! After its "HuberBuam" mountain-climbing documentary, he is back with a 3D musical clip for Planet Punk Music, called "Lolita Jolie - La Première fois". Watch the clip here under in 3D!

Lolita-3D-shot 250px

3D Musical Video Clip

Don't forget to select your preferred 3D mode and 1080p resolution (if your connection is fast enough).

Virtual Experience

The team at Virtual Experience provides full service from concept and script to 3D shooting and postproduction of your movie. Whether it is real live action, shot with mirror beam splitter rig or parallel setup, CGI animation or both.  The director of stereography is Alaric Hamacher. Contact them at virtual-experience.de; Alaric is also on FaceBook.

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