Wim Wenders 3D projects

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In a recent Documentary Channel interview, Wim Wenders revealed its next 3D stereoscopic movie will be a documentary about architecture.

Wim Wenders said "I have actually already started a long-term project, another documentary in 3D. It will take several years, but it’s going to be about architecture. I have always wanted to do a film about architecture, and I have a lot of architect friends. But that is another subject I never really knew how to approach with film.

I realized through PINA that architecture is something that could have a real affinity to this medium. We started shooting already, but it’s at the very, very beginning. That’s going to be my next documentary project in 3D, but I would definitely also do a narrative film in the future in 3D as well."

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Wim Wenders' photos

Wim Wenders is not only a movie director but he is also a very good photographer with a strong interest in architecture. See some of its work here in ADELAP, a photographer's blog.

Read the Documentary Channel for the full Wim Wenders interview.

Wim Wenders at the Venice Architecture Biennale 2010

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