Audi A3 shot with Screen Plane 3D Rigs

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For the Geneva Motor Show 2012 Audi unveilled the new A3 with a 3D stereoscopic  film shot on Screen Plane (Germany)'s Production 3D Rig fitted with RED Epic cameras and Angenieux zooms.

 Shooting-the-AUDI-A3-in-3D 250px

For this project the Production Rig with two Epics and Angenieux zooms 16-42mm had been fitted into the stabilized Flighthead 5 in a close colaboration with Filmotechnic Europe. The footage was shot with a Russian Arm and a Speedcar on location and a racetrack in Spain, at speeds up to 140 Km/h (90 mph). Here under the Production Rig from Screen Plane.

Production-Rig Epic rouge 400px

The small Steady-Flex-Rig was used with two RED Scarlet cameras and UPs for interiour static and driving shots as well as for fixed mounted details of the car. The project was finished in a resolution of double HD 3840x1080.

AUDI A3 Official trailer (in 2D)

Screen Plane

SCREEN PLANE is a company developing equipment for 3D image acquisition as well as a service provider for shooting 3D content. We initially started out creating stereoscopic gear for our own projects, but it appeared to us, that some of our ideas might be useful to others in the industry.

The company was founded in 2009 by director/dop Sebastian Cramer, whose technical background includes the invention of the Academy®- and Emmy® Award winning Skater Dolly and it‘s family of products (Watch the online Skater trailer in Quicktime .mov format).

Cramers partner in the developments team of SCREEN PLANE is Jan Bernotat, whose background include the engineering and operation of motion control rigs as well as the production side of feature films and commercials. Visit Screen Plane for more info.

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