Reminiscence by Celine Tricart

on Wednesday, 04 January 2012 00:29. Posted in 3D Shorts

There is a local 3D short competition in France opposing young directors on the Dailymotion video portal with a national distribution contract at stake. 

We took the opportunity to have a second look at "Reminiscence" from French stereographer Céline Tricart that we presented here in May 2010. Watch the 6 minutes short film here under (in 3D of course).

reminiscence-3D 250px


Paramount Unveils 100th Anniversary 3D Logo

on Thursday, 22 December 2011 22:17. Posted in 3D Shorts

Deva Studios (Santa Monica, CA, USA) is proud to announce they have been selected by Paramount to design one more intro clip for them in full stereoscopic 3D and at the same time keeping the recognized "mountain and stars" look... Check here under if they succeeded!

Paramount-100th-anniversary-logo 250px


Desert Superstars 3D

on Wednesday, 23 November 2011 16:33. Posted in 3D Shorts

"Desert Superstars 3D" is premiered today (November 23, 2011) in Abu Dhabi. This 35 minutes film (in Arabic and English) reports the presence at the annual Camel Festival and Beauty Contest of Al Hakkma, Al Jahada, and Al Shawasha, three of the most beautiful camels in the world...

Desertsuperstars3D 250px


Visit Vesta in 3D

on Sunday, 04 December 2011 18:04. Posted in 3D Shorts

NASA just released a short (1min41) video of a reconstructed fly over the VESTA asteroid by the discovery mission, one of the stangest celestial bodies in our solar system.

vesta-3D 250px


Unbeleafable 3D

on Saturday, 19 November 2011 20:28. Posted in 3D Shorts

Levi's Film Workshop and GIRL Skateboards partnered to create something amazing in conjunction with Los Angeles Museum of Contemporary Art. The result: "Unbeleafable," a short 3D skateboard video extravaganza (11 minutes) available in HD 3D on YouTube since July 2011. The short shot in the Santa Clarita Studios and was directed by Ty Evans and produced by Girl Skateboards in partnership with the Levi’s Film Workshop.

 unbeleafable-3D 250px

Digital Stereoscopy For Sale 29.99$

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