Super Mario 3D Land

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Nintendo has repeatedly promised that Mario's first Nintendo 3DS adventure would show off what the system is really made of, cementing it as a truly unique and capable platform. The incredible part? The company actually delivered. Stereoscopic 3D gaming has never been fully realized before this.

IGN is rating Super Mario 3D Land an incredible 9.5/10 and promoted the game to "IGN EDITOR'S CHOICE".


Super Mario 3D Land Official web site

Super Mario 3D Land has its official web site on Nintendo.com and there is also a nice interview of the developers here.

Super Mario 3D Land IGN Rating

Read the complete critic and test of Super Mario 3D Land in IGN. For French gamers, Nintendo-town.fr has a nice review with a 17/20 rating (in French).

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Super Mario 3D Land Video preview

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