Simple way to put 3DS videos on YouTube

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There are many ways to put a 3D video clip shot on the Nintendo 3DS on YouTube. The easiest one is obviously to use the free StereoMovie Maker application. The last beta version released this December directly supports the 3DS video format.

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Transfer of a 3DS stereo movie to YouTube in 3D

This is how to proceed with a Windows PC:

  1. The 3DS is putting two clips per movie on its SD card. Remove the card from the 3DS, put it is an SD card reader connected to your PC, and transfer both files to your hard disk.
  2. Install and run the free StereoMovie Maker application from Muttyan's page. In fact, install is not really needed; just Unzip and run the stvmkre.exe application.
  3. Use the "File/Open Left/Right movies..." menu and load your two 3DS video clips, one for the left view, the other for the right one.
  4. Trim the clip by removing unwanted start and end parts with the "Start" and "End" buttons.
  5. Auto-align the clips to remove unwanted artifacts (pressing Alt-K).
  6. Save with the "Save Stereo Movie" menu ; check "side-by-side stereo format". A double image .avi movie is saved on your hard disk. Close StereoMovie Maker.
  7. Upload the video to YouTube. Give your video a title, a description and be sure the 3Dvideo mode is selected. Uploading a video may take a while: be patient....
  8. Go to your new video page and explain to YouTube that this is a 3D video; to do so -see pictures below- click on the "Edit Info" on the video page (you should be logged in on YouTube with your usual account), then click on the "3D video" button on the right. and check the "This video is already 3D" radio button.
  9. Save the modified Info page.

And that is it...

To let know YouTube your video is in 3D, first, click on "Edit video"..

...then on the "3D Video" button and check the "This video is already 3D" radio button.

Save and that is it !

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