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OTOY is a believer in Light Field technology from camera to VR headset. With similar ambitions but less money than Google/Magic Leap, the other Light Field pioneer, the small company is working in the Facebook/Oculus environment where they devised a sophisticated compression algorithm and a matching rendering tool. The proof of concept culminates in a transmission rate as low as 1.5 Mbs for a single actor lightfield, meaning video is easily streamable to a smartphone.

OTOY announced that their light field streaming technology will come to Gear VR in the next ORBX free VR Media Player app update. Demo here under.

LightField 640px

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HypeVR: Impressive Volumetric 360° 3D Video

This week we were able to follow the first demos of the HypeVR technology, a depth-mapped, volumetric video system that lets VR users move in, out and around the captured scene. The proprietary capture rig is using 14 6K Red Dragon cameras, a proprietary LIDAR reak-time scanner and includes Google Tango technology for viewer tracking. Their first footage is now visible; watch it here under.

HypeVR 640px

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LucidVR 180° Portable 3D VR Camera Available for Pre-order for $399

Do you want friends to join you on your travels, to see what you see without leaving the comfort of their own home? With virtual reality (VR) this can happen and with a portable VR camera from LucidVR, this is now a viable option. The handheld camera, called LucidCam, is a stereoscopic 3D camera which captures scenes with 180 degrees wide-angle lenses.

lucidcam 640px

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Blender 2.78 Now Includes Spherical Stereoscopic VR

The Blender Foundation was proud to release Blender 2.78 on September 30, 2016. Blender 2.78 is a major update that adds numerous new features and improvements to the popular 3D modelling and animation software, among which we can mention rendering of spherical stereo images for VR (Virtual Reality). Watch the Caminandes VR demo here under.

blendervr 640px

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