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Phogy 3D : The Android 3D Selfie App

Get all your pictures in motion with Phogy, the free Selfie App for Android smartphones with added 3D look!

Take 3D effect selfie or regular shot of favorite objects such as friends, family, pets, nature and expect unique results after you open your Phogy files in app´s gallery. The 3D effect obtained is not truly stereoscopic, but the multiple views are presented in quick succession when you move the display screen from side to side, gving a nice 3D look and feel. Video demo here under.

phogy3D 250px

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3D is the Future of Keyhole Surgery

The 3D stereoscopic laparoscope system developed by Olympus (Japan) is so efficient that keyhole surgery gallbladder removal mow takes 40 minutes for a procedure that took five hours twenty years ago when keyhole surgery debuted.

3Dlaparoscopy 250px
Image by Alon Skuy

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The New Autostereoscopic XYZ-16HD Limited Prototype Kit

Zero Creative (The Netherlands) is offering now the "XYZ-16HD Limited Prototype Kit", a small and portable autostereoscopic display for demonstrations, sales and marketing, medical applications or just for fun.

The XYZ-16HD is able to display 3D movies and games without the need for glasses. The 3D viewing is in full HD quality and the display can be switched between 2D and 3D viewing partly or full screen. This is maybe the future of glasses-free 3D technology; it focus on single viewer usage and uses eye tracking to offer the best no-glasses 3D on the market.

XYZ-16HD 250px

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SD&A Recognizes Highest Cited 3D Papers in the Conference’s 25 Successful Years.

The chairs of the Stereoscopic Displays and Applications (SD&A) conference are pleased to announce the completion of a citation analysis conducted to coincide with the 25th anniversary of the conference. The SD&A conference is the largest and longest-running technical conference dedicated to all forms of stereoscopic 3D imaging, including displays, image-capture, processing, and perception.

It started in 1990.

The inaugural conference was held in February 1990 in Silicon Valley and has been held annually in the San Francisco Bay Area since that time. Over the 25 years of the conference there have been 1379 papers published in the conference’s 25 conference proceedings volumes.

sda2015logo 250px

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