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Jurassic World #3 in Box Office's History

3D stereoscopic dinosaur movie "Jurassic World" has earned $1.542 billion around the world (in 45 days) and takes third spot in the worldwide film industry behind 2009’s “Avatar” ($2.79 billion) and 1997’s “Titanic” ($2.19 billion).

Jurassic World 320px

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Panasonic's 2 Gigapixels 3D Stereoscopic Photobooth

 Panasonic (Japan) created this "3D photo boot on steroids" able to capture a full body 360-view in just 1/1000 of a second, allowing 3D printing of a mini-sculpture to show action poses of people in motion.

2 gigapixels of data from the 120 LUMIX GH4 ($1,500 each retail price) cameras are then loaded into special software that recreates a 3D model ready for a color 3D printer. You can take home a small color plaster figurine for 450$ (after a few hours of 3D printing).

Panasonic 3DPHotoLab

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VoxieBox is licensing its "Princess Leia" Hologram Technology

After years of patent-pending research and development, the most breathtaking advance in 3D display technology is ready to leave the labs at VOXON (Adelaide, Australia and San Francisco, CA,USA). Voxiebox displays 3D objets in a rectangular volume (approximately one square footà with a resolution around 1,000 x 1,000 x 200 voxels. Objects are visible from all directions without any special glasses. Watch the video demo here under.

Voxiebox 320px
Gaming on a Voxiebox demonstrated at Avcon2015

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