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Stereoscopic Player 2.3.3 Opens Doors to Custom Themes

Stereoscopic Player is a versatile 3D movie player allowing you to play stereo­scopic videos and DVDs (external decoder required) and also allowing you to watch live video from a capture device. Version 2.3.3 was released on December 2014 and offers theming support on top of the various 2.3 additions such as Blu-ray subtitle support and improved Oculus Rift support.

 SP 2 3 3 320px

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BenQ HT1085ST, an Amazing 3D Home Cinema Projector

At under $1.200 (list price), The BenQ HT1085ST home cinema projector is one of the most extraordinary 1080p home entertainment displays in the market today. With a short-throw lens that can produce a 105” image at just 5 feet away from any wall and its 3D stereoscopic capabilities,  it provides two HDMI connectors (plus VGA, composite, and component inputs), high contrast and almost no ghosting on active glasses during stereoscopic projection. Gamers will appreciate its 15 milliseconds lag time in 1080/60p format.

benq ht1085st 320px

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3D Shooting May Be Dangerous...

In 2011, Paz de la Huerta was injured by a stuntman driving an ambulance while shooting the stereoscopic movie "Nurse 3D". Now, the actress is in court against Lionsgate about compensations.

The actress claims she nearly died from the on-set wreck and is suing the film’s producers for more compensation. But Lionsgate says the “Boardwalk Empire” actress signed away her rights to future claims when she collected the worker’s comp.

Paz de la Huerta 320px

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Kaiju Fury! Will be at Sundance Festival in 360° 3D

"Kaiju Fury" will be presented at the New Frontier, which runs January 22, 2015 to February 1st, 2015 during the Sundance Film Festival.

A dark energy experiment leads to a devastating attack by monstrous Kaiju, and you are standing at ground zero—all in 360-degree, stereoscopic 3D cinematic virtual reality. You will "be there" as the beasts lay waste to a crumbling city and humanity makes its last stand. Watch the video preview and a video review here under.

Kaiju Fury 320px

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Visit the ISS in Stereoscopic 3D

During Expedition 31 in 2012, NASA astronaut Don Pettit used a 3D camera to take viewers on a "floating" tour of the International Space Station. He pointed the camera outside the station portals as well to provide incredible images of the Russian Soyuz capsule docked to the station, the many trusses and solar panels extending from the various nodes, and of his home planet below.  The NASA Video is now available online

Note: You will need red-blue stereoscopic 3D vision glasses to view the video.

ISS-3D 320px

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