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BBC to Increase 3D Trials

The BBC is planning a considerable increase in its 3DTV output. An – as yet – unnamed drama shot in 3D is being planned. This could refer to the widely anticipated 3D version of Doctor Who, which celebrates its 50th anniversary in 2013 and where ‘multiple specials’ are known to be under consideration. The BBC’s head of 3D, Kim Shillingshaw, speaking to trade magazine Broadcast, said the BBC was even considering broadcasting a dedicated 3D channel, and would be testing various content including arts and science programming in 3D.

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Portelli, Demetri

Toronto-based stereographer Demetri Portelli graduated from the University of Toronto, Canada in 1995. His most recent work was on Martin Scorsese's Hugo, said to be one of the few truly enjoyable stereoscopic 3D experiences for movie-goers. The Canadian stereographer has already won the Lumiere Award for Best Live Action Stereography from the International 3D Society for his work on Hugo.

Since directing music videos and short films in the early part of his career he has dedicated himself completely to the technology and the art of the stereoscopic 3D motion picture. His work hasn't stopped at Hugo, either, as he introduced 3D capture to British cinematographer John Mathesion for the movie 47 Ronin featuring Keanu Reeves and that is set to be released in November 2012. He also has a long history of other film credits that you can view on IMDB.

 Demetri-Portelli 250px

A New HD 3D Format and Technology

Dolby (USA) and Philips (The Netherlands) have jointly created a stereoscopic 3D format and content delivery technology, dubbed Dolby 3D. The new format enables stereoscopic HD 3D content on any 3D device display - including autostereoscopic glasses-free displays. The technology automatically optimizes video for different screen sizes and even ups the resolution of "half-resolution" passive 3D to full resolution.

The two leading companies have undertaken the joint project to improve the 3D viewing experience on displays of all sizes, including smartphones, tablets, PCs, and televisions. Dolby 3D is a complete system designed to work throughout the chain to deliver clear glasses-free 3D content that operates over existing distribution systems.

 Dolby-3D-Glasses-Free-Format 250px

Real-time 3D DCP Creation with EasyDCP Accelerator

Fraunhofer IIS (Germany) and Intopix (Belgium) cooperate in order to accelerate the creation process and mastering of stereoscopic digital cinema packages (3D DCP). The well-known software package easyDCP developed by Fraunhofer IIS now supports the hardware acceleration board PRISTINE from Intopix to allow for faster encoding of JPEG 2000 files, both visually or mathematically lossless, for resolutions from HD up to 4K, ans in stereosopcic 3D guise too!


Image Matters Announces High Frame Rate Tests

Image Matters, intoPIX, MikroM and Virident will collaborate beyond the state of the art for the future of cinema: their target is a series of highframe-rate tests on June 7 and 8 2012 in Burbank (CA, USA) conducted in collaboration with studios and the creative community. The tests will be coordinated by Michael Karagosian (MKPE Consulting), Kommer Kleijn SBC and David Stump ASC, both co-chairs of the SMPTE 21DC Study Group for Higher Frame Rates.

The tests will measure the minimum JPEG 2000 codestream bit rate requested by high frame rate content to reach the visually lossless quality demanded by 2D and 3D stereoscopic digital cinema applications such as the announced "The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey","Avatar 2" and "Avatar 3" high-frame rate 3D stereoscopic movies.

Image-Matters-hfrdemo-illu 250px

3D Video of the Day

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