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Katy Perry Part Of Me 3D

Paramount's new trailer for the Katy Perry: Part Of Me concert 3D stereoscopic movie has landed. There will be lots of songs, of course, and the cobalt-tressed singer promises eye-popping 3D sequences: "The word 'cheap' was not in the vocabulary. Hello — it's 3D. You're going to get hit with a lot of sh**."

Katy Perry: Part Of Me will be relased on July 5, 2012 by Paramount.

Katy-Perry 250px

Ridley Scott Unveiled 13 Minutes of Prometheus 3D

Ridley Scott's Prometheus is coming to cinemas on June 1st, 2012. After last month release of the trailer, this week several happy few journalists were invited to be among the firsts outside of 20th Century Fox to see actual footage from the movie: 13 mnutues of genuine 3D stereoscopic footage on the big screen! And from what we've seen it is drop-dead fabulous.

prometheus-preview-3d-footage-revealed 250px

3D Mammography

As everybody, US doctors are watching Titanic 3D so they may have a quick look at human breasts in 3D. But to do that in the  professional context of their hunt against breast cancer, they will have to wait a few years before they can take 3D stereoscopic X-ray images of breasts.

This will become possible soon as the technology tested in Japan by Fujifilm becomes available. Fujifilm's digital mammography unit, the Aspire HD Plus (known as the Amulet f abroad) was developed to do exactly that. The method to obtain 3D stereoscopic X-ray breasts images is explained here under.

AMULET 04 250px

Titanic 3D Highlights are online in 3D

Five minutes of highlights from the Titanic 3D Special from Sky3D were just added to our 3D Movies Trailers page. Watch it is 3D stereoscopic Full HD 1080p mode; download and use Stereoscopic Player on the dowloaded file  if your web connection is not fast enough for the 1080p version.

Nishika 8000 4-lenses 3D camera

Long considered the ugly duckling of the consumer lenticular cameras, the 4-lenses / 4-views 3D stereoscopic Nishika 8000 is now in high regard as the most versatile of the breed, because the camera features three aperature settings, unlike other lenticular cameras, which are only point and shoot cameras.

This camera has four 30mm lenses which are used to create a multi-view 3D picture. It has a shutter speed of 1/60th of a second, and three possible aperture values of "Sunny", "Partially Cloudy", and "Indoors Cloudy". This camera was made in the late 80's by Nishika Optical Systems, and takes standard 35mm film.

Nishika-8000-camera 250px

3D Video of the Day

Digital Stereoscopy For Sale 29.99$

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