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Titanic 4D

Titanic in stereoscopic 3D is nice! Titanic in 4D is astonishing ! 

 As millions of Americans drink in the sights and sounds of James Cameron’s masterpiece in just 3 lousy Ds, their thrill-seeking brethren overseas will be enjoying Titanic in 4DX:  The South Korean company CJ 4DPlex Co.has created a “theme park ride-like experience” to accompany the film, one that uses various “motion, wind, fog, lighting, and scent-based special effects” to bring the film to life—everything from the rolling steam of the car sex scene to the smell of simplistic class commentary, plus other things that actually correspond to the movie and can be recreated.

titanic-4D 250px

Unfortunately, you won’t be able to see it for yourself unless you live in South Korea, China, Mexico, or Thailand, the privileged nations that continue to enjoy all the best stuff that isn’t security or freedom. 

Global Shutter are Coming!

One of the biggest problems with CMOS cameras is the "rolling shutter effect", especially if you shoot in stereoscopic 3D with a mirror rig. As one image is reversed by the mirror, rolling shutters may go in reverse directions and destroy the carefully tuned synchronisation between your two cameras. But Indiecam launches its first "global shutter" cameras this month at the NAB in Las Vegas. Net result: the rolling shutter effect disappears once and for all.

Four indie GS2Ks are currently being used on the set of RUSH (Niki Lauda F1 driver bio), directed by Ron Howard and shot by DOP Anthony Dod Mantle. The Indiecam lightweight and extremely versatile cameras have recently also been used to shot a high proportion of Danny Boyle‘s latest movie TRANCE.

360Camera 0190-edit fmt 250px

Sensational Swan Lake 3D Down Under

About the recently releases Swan Lake 3D, The Arts Desk said 

‘With 3D the magic of space in dance is released from the bottle.’
 and that may be true as theatres were nearly fully booked where it has already been released. Next month (May 5, 2012), Australia will discover the stereoscopic Swan Lake(we have a nice trailer here under).

Matthew Bourne’s Swan Lake

When it premiered at Sadler’s Wells in 1995, Matthew Bourne’s triumphant re–interpretation of Swan Lake turned tradition upside down, taking the dance world by storm. The iconic production, perhaps best–known for replacing the traditional female corps de ballet with a menacing male ensemble, was filmed in stereoscopic 3D at Sadler’s Wells, London in 2011.

Swan-Lake-3D 250px

The stellar cast includes the magnificent Richard Winsor as the lead Swan/Stranger, Dominic North as The Prince and Nina Goldman as The Queen. Fantastically the filming in stereoscopic 3D creates an illusion of space around the dancers, drawing us as the audience onto the stage and bringing a dramatic realism to the story.

Robinson, Brent

Brent Robinson is a Canadian stereographer and underwater cameraman. He worked on "Resident Evil: Retribution", "Storm City 3D", “Nurse 3D”, “Silent Hill: Revelation 3D”, and “Haunted 3D”, the first stereoscopic 3D highest grossing horror feature film in Bollywood history. Brent is frequently invited to seminars and workshops about 3D filming, such as the Toronto International Stereographic 3D Conference, the Director's Guild Canada 3D workshop and the NAB.

Robinson has been working behind the camera for over two decades, ever since he began making corporate videos when he was in high school. “I’ve been behind a camera ever since I can remember".

 Brent Robinson

Salvadore Dali 3D

Mr. Mora is doing. He is working on a movie right now called The Surrealist, about painter Salvador Dalí and his tempestuous wife, Gala. Alan Cumming and Judy Davis are taking the lead roles. During his life, Dali painted several stereoscopic works, including "Gala's Christ" and the "Apparition d'un visage à tendance stéréoscopique dans un paysage de l'Ampurdan" here under.

 dali-stereoscopic 250px

3D Video of the Day

Digital Stereoscopy For Sale 29.99$

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