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Golden Gate 3D's New Creative Agency

 Golden Gate 3D (GG3D), a full service stereoscopic 3D creative agency and production company, has opened for business. With an award-winning, international team headquartered in San Francisco and equipped with leading edge technologies, the company has the ability to produce dynamic, native stereoscopic 3D productions anywhere in the world.

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YUVSoft last version better than ever

YUVsoft Corp, a software R&D company, is pleased to announce a new version of its 2D to 3D Suite software for professional semiautomatic stereo 3D conversion. The software comprises a set of plug-ins for Adobe After Effects and The Foundry NUKE, supporting the now prevalent depth-based 2D-to-3D conversion approach.

Boasting a broad range of tools and operating modes, 2D to 3D Suite is a practical solution for the highest-quality works as well as for those far simpler conversion projects intended for 3DTV or inexpensive cinematic releases. The software facilitates 3D conversion by minimizing manual work and increasing stereo generation quality when using 2D+Depth. In addition to conversion tasks, it can also help correct stereo footage during post-production.

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I3DS Europe Committee Announced

We have the pleasure to announce the official signature of a partnership agreement between the 3D Stereo MEDIA organizers (Liege, Belgium) and the International 3D Society(Los Angeles, CA).  This official act was followed by a reception at the NAB , at the Belgian Pavilion (Booth C5044) on April 18, 2012 5:45 pm.

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Dashwood's Revamped Stereo3D CAT Product Line

Dashwood Cinema Solutions (Toronto, Canada), developer of 3D stereoscopic software for the Mac, is pleased to announce the immediate availability of price-reduced and free versions of the award-winning Stereo3D CAT 3D stereoscopic calibration and analysis software. This marks the first time this powerful 3D stereoscopic monitoring, analysis and playback software is available for use by anyone with a Mac computer and a compatible HD capture device.

Stereo3D Visualizer and Stereopsis Tab 250px

AG-3D1A Stereobase Extender

This Stereo Base Extender from Cyclopital (Fort Collins, CO, USA) for the 3D stereoscopic camera Panasonic AG-3DA1 produces amazing 3D images by maintaining accurate depth portrayal with subjects that are further away from the camera, such as sporting events, concerts and other distance situations.

This high-end camcorder allows you to zoom for adjusting the scale of "X" and "Y" and now, with the Stereo Base Extender, you can also change the scale in the "Z" dimension to increase the depth portrayed in the images you capture!

The Panasonic A1 lenses have a fixed spacing of 58mm apart, making it impossible to capture high quality 3D video as the distance between the camera and the subject increases. Using perfectly aligned, high quality front surface mirrors, the Stereo Base Extender almost quadruples the lens spacing to 200mm while maintaining an optimal range of parallax adjustment.

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3D Video of the Day

Digital Stereoscopy For Sale 29.99$

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