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Holograms in concert

Martin Scorses said recently that holograms are the future of 3D. He is maybe not that far off the reality as we cpuld have seen yesterday at the HatsuneMiku concert in Singapore during the Anime Festival Asia (11-13 Novembrer 2011).

 It starts off like a regular concert, with the lights dimmed and the band slowly taking their place in the background. Then the lead vocalist gets the crowd going with some cheery pop music. Except the lead vocalist isn't really human. She's a CGI character, and she's projected live on the stage in 3-D. True, it's not the full parallax holography that our own researchers are working on. That doesn't change the fact that the 3D effect still looks far more advanced than anything we've come up with so far. That's not the only thing astounding about this concert. See, that little CGI girl? Her name is Hatsune Miku"She" is actually a vocaloid, a program that synthesizes human speech to the point that it can sing.


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3DRigs launches Pro Light 3D stereoscopic camera rig

3DRigs has announced the launch of their Pro Light 3D Stereoscopic camera rig. Following on from the success of the Pro Ultra Rig, the Pro Light is a compact, scaled-down version weighing in at only seven kgs (15 lbs) in beam splitter mode.

“We have maintained the rigidity of our Pro Ultra Rig in the new light weight version to ensure that cameras maintain their alignment during operation,” comments Russ Bowden, CEO 3DRigs.

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Peter Gabriel's New Blood Concert is Online in 3D

The "New Blood Live in London" concert film, shot by Eagle Rock Entertainment, will be available for download for the iPhone 4/4S from Spatial View’s 3DeeCentral site, the leading online store for independent and pro-labeled 3D content. "New Blood Live in London" is yours in 3D on your iPhone4 or iPhone 4S for 19.99$.


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Popeye 3D by Sony Gets Writers

 Popeye doesn’t just gain strength from spinach but also from good writing. Sony Pictures Animation, which is bringing the iconic cartoon strongman to the big screen, has asked David Ronn and Jay Scherick to pen the script.

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The ASUS 3D PC Monitor from Your Dreams

The ASUS VG278H is a 27 inches 3D monitor with 120 Hz frequency, Full HD resolution, included infrared transmitter, and Nvidia 3D Vision 2 compatibility. A pair of active 3D glasses is included in the price (599€ in Europe, 659.99$ in the USA). The screen uses 3D Lightboost technology for a far better brightness in 3D mode.

ASUS VG278H-250px

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