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In-cinema 3D advertising

Film and entertainment services company, Reliance MediaWorks (Mumbai, India and Burbank, CA, USA), launches 3D conversion services for advertisers. The first advertisement to be converted into 3D is for Reliance Netconnect’s ‘It’s Fast. Are You?‘ campaign, which includes three films.


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Gatsby 3D shooting starts this week

Director Baz Luhrmann's highly anticipated  The Great Gatsby stereoscopic 3D shooting is starting now in Australia and is supposed to take as long as four months. The movie is an adaptation of the 1925 F. Scott Fitzgerald's novel that was widely considered unfilmable. The Great Gatsby novel was published 80 years ago, yet it still sells some 400,000 copies a year.

Leonardo Diaprio will be Jay Gatsby and Tobey McGuire has been cast as Gatsby's tenant-friend, Nick Carraway. The Great Gatsby should be released in November 2012 by Fox.


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SKY Italia 3D starts on 6 September 2011

Sky Italia is launching an ad-hoc 3D TV channel on September 6, with movies, entertainment and sports featuring heavily. The hope is that the channel will become a driving force for sales of 3D TV devices, which are still rare in Italy. The 3D channel is will be accessible only on the cable.


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