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3DeeScreen, a 3D Add-on for laptops

The Spatial View (Toronto, Canada) 3DeeScreen is an add-on to a laptop display that enabled naked-eye 3D - an extra screen layer that is added unto your screen. The companies will offer this software/hardware package to laptop makers which will bundle this with the laptop, sell separately or added on in retail channels.


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3D = Light+Light+Light

All stereographers known that to shoot in 3D, you need a (very) bright set. Sometimes, the power suppy is not strong enough to answer the DOP needs. That is why Photon Beard introduces its new revolutionary light source based on a new RF-activated plasma technology. With a20,000 hours life and 14,000 Lumens output for a power drain of 273 Watts, it is equivalent to a Tungsten Fresnel lasting 1,000 hours and draining 2,000 Watts.


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The Legend of Sarila 3D will be Released in 2013

Directed by Nancy Florence Savard and due out in theatres in 2013, the 80-minutes 3D stereoscopic animated feature The Legend of Sarila uses authentic settings in Northern Canada and indigenous mythology, including Inuit legends.

The Legend of Sarila tells the story of a voyage of initiation in which three young Inuit search for a promised land, hoping to save their people from famine. Day after day, the hunters return empty-handed and the aged shaman, Croolik, is unable to solve the problem. The camp’s wise woman, Saya, recalls the legend of Sarila, a promised land hidden among the glaciers, where wild game is said to be plentiful. “Legend has it that only those with pure hearts may enter this hallowed place...”

sarila 250px

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Expect autostereoscopic tablets up to 10 inches soon

Masterimage has revealed a glasses-free 3D tablet reference design that uses Masterimage's cell-matrix parallax barrier technology. This design allows users to view images in both portrait and landscape modes in both 2D and 3D and it can work with several types of display technology including TFT, OLED and even plasma.

masterimage 3D autostereoscopic tablet

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