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Ambuli, the First Tamil 3D Movie

Ambuli, directed by Hari Shankar-Harish Narayan, is the first-ever stereoscopic 3D film in Tamil cinema. The movie has garnered a lot of attention in India for its technical quality. A sci-fi thriller, the horror-thriller-fantasy movie keeps the audiences hooked with thrills.

But the film is also attracting crowds because its lead character Ajay commited suicide at the end of the shooting in July 2011 because his co-star Sanam turned him down...

ambuli 250px

First 3D 'Wiggle' video published

A Wiggle image is an image with two rapidly alternating views (usually an animated .gif image). Now a pair of directors working under the name "A Nice idea every day" created a "3D" musical for Mint Julep using the same technique, giving 1) a strong depth feeling, and 2) strong headaches... on any screen, ans without any glasses!

How strange it may be, as a first in the world, the work has its own merits. Check for yourself here under.


Meduza Titan 3D Camera

Meduza Sales (London, UK) announced its Mk1 4K 3D stereoscopic camera months ago that will be available later this year (the sensors are not yet ready), but now thay are annoucing demos and presentations at NAB in April of their 2K version called Titan. Weighting approx. 5 Kg only because of its titanium housing, this rugged 3D stereoscopic camera offers variable interaxial (38-110 mm) and convergence, and dual 2/3" CMOS sensors with global shutters for 1920x1080 and 2048x1080 resolutions.

Meduza-Titan-Camera-Back 250px

3D Africa

The trailer for "3D Africa", the new film by 3D Minds and animal expert, Brad Tylman has been released (watch it here under and on our '3D Movies Trailers' page). Get up-close and personal with African wildlife in stunning high-definition stereoscopic 3D!

 3DAfrica 250px

Corpore 3D Musical Video

Corpore, a metal band from Spain who is betting on the new 3D imaging technologies. They just released the video of the song Restart that was shot entirely in stereoscopic 3D by Biomcanical Imaging, an independent Spanish production company. Watch the video clip here under in 3D (or download it in full HD 3D and watch later with Stereoscopic Player.

corpore-restart-3D 250px

3D Video of the Day

Digital Stereoscopy For Sale 29.99$

digital-stereoscopy-kindle 200px

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