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A new 3D TV Series in Germany

ProSieben, a popular TV channel in Germany,broadcasted a 3D Halloween mystery series called "Grimmsberg 3D". After the initial showing on 29th October 2011 on Pro7, the series is available online in 2D and 3D.


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Full HD3D Glasses Initiative

Back in August, Sony, Panasonic and Samsung announced a new initiative to standardize active 3D glasses called the Full HD 3D Glasses Initiative. Now this initiative has launched. The wireless protocols included in this standard are BlueTooth (radio frequency) and IR (infrared) The new glasses protocol will be compatible the XPanD 3D standard. Compatible glasses, external emitters, TV sets and projectors will show the logo displayed here under.


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La Stéréoscopie Numérique

The first book published by StereoscopyNews is now available. Edited by Eyrolles, "La Stéréoscopie Numérique" is available in French only now but an English version is under way. Benoit Michel, StereoscopyNews editor, has already published a lot of technical books in the IT domain and this is his second book about 3D.

"La Stéréoscopie Numérique" has its dedicated page on this web site.


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Five Top Figures About 3D

PassmoreLabs' Greg Passmore attented MIPCOM 2011 (3-6 October 2011 in Cannes,  France) and came back with some interesting figures: during the Creating a new 3D Entertainment Experience panel, Akira Shimazu, Sony's Senior General Manager for the 3D & BD Project Management Division presented these statistics:

  • Over 50 3D films will be released in 2011,
  • Six of the top ten worldwide grossing films of all time are 3D titles,
  • Over 100 3D titles will be released on 3D Blu-ray in 2011,
  • Over 100 3D games will be released for the PlayStation 3 in 2011,
  • 70% of Japanese homes have 3D TV's,
  • 40% of homes in Europe, China and US have 3D TV's.

Cannes MIPCOM2011-250px

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Holograms in concert

Martin Scorses said recently that holograms are the future of 3D. He is maybe not that far off the reality as we cpuld have seen yesterday at the HatsuneMiku concert in Singapore during the Anime Festival Asia (11-13 Novembrer 2011).

 It starts off like a regular concert, with the lights dimmed and the band slowly taking their place in the background. Then the lead vocalist gets the crowd going with some cheery pop music. Except the lead vocalist isn't really human. She's a CGI character, and she's projected live on the stage in 3-D. True, it's not the full parallax holography that our own researchers are working on. That doesn't change the fact that the 3D effect still looks far more advanced than anything we've come up with so far. That's not the only thing astounding about this concert. See, that little CGI girl? Her name is Hatsune Miku"She" is actually a vocaloid, a program that synthesizes human speech to the point that it can sing.


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