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CPG goes down under (and under water too)

James Cameron has opened an Australian office to encourage more 3D movies and TV shows, including live sports broadcasts.

Having executive produced Sanctum, a stereoscopic 3D Australian movie, he is now planning to pilot a submersible to the 7-mile deep Mariana Trench, north of Papua New Guinea, for a feature-length documentary. He commissioned the single seater sub  for around 7 M$.

 necker-nymph 250px

The Necker sub above is NOT the one Cameron will use.

ViewMaster 3D Soon on your iPhone

Fisher-Price (East Aurora, USA), a subsidiary of Mattel, announces a new partnership with SpatialView, the stereo 3D content distributor and auto-stereoscopic display add-on maker. Fisher-Price will offer a selection of images from the View-Master image archive, the largest collection of 3D still images in the world. Over 1,500,000,000 View-Master disks were sold since 1939.

“The View-Master archive is a virtual treasure-trove of 3D imagery capturing over 100 years of history and culture,” said Peter Snajczuk, Vice President of Marketing for Fisher-Price. “We’re thrilled to be working with Spatial View to make these spectacular images available digitally for download from ViewMasterDigital3D.com to a variety of 3D mobile devices and Internet-connected 3D TVs.”

Ther online store Viewmasterdigital3D will be launched this spring. 3D images for your mobile will be sold in packs of 18 to 21 images for $1.99. Just add a 3DeeSlide sheet on your mobile phone screen,and you will be able to see View-Master images in 3D!

ViewMaster-3D 250px

Lucas's Red Tails, a 2D film with 3D sound

"Red Tails", the last child of Georges Lucas is a 2D film with 3D sound. Released on January 20, 2012, Red Tails is the first movie in Barco's "Auro-3D" 11.1 sound format in the few happy theaters already fitted with this revolutionary new sound system.

Scoop of the day : George Lucas is retiring from the movie business ! Details here under.

red-tails 250px

HOT 3D - Melbourne, July 13, 2012

Hot3D 2012 is the  3rd IEEE International Workshop on Hot Topics in 3D. It will be held in Melbourne, Australia on July 13, 2012. Hot topics in stereoscopic 3D are: increased GPU power, 3D audio, haptic systems for 3D feedback, 3D systems evaluation, depth cameras, 3D analysis and synthesis, and more.

Hot3D 2012 is a one day workshop held in conjunction with IEEE International Conference on Multimedia & Expo (ICME), the flagship multimedia conference sponsored by four IEEE societies.

hot3d2012 250px

IMAX: Deep Sea in Blu-ray 3D

IMAX: Deep Sea was initially released in Blu-ray 3D format at 44.98$ but the price has now dropped to 20.49$, a bit late for a Christmas gift...

Deep-Sea-IMAX-3D 250px

3D Video of the Day

Digital Stereoscopy For Sale 29.99$

digital-stereoscopy-kindle 200px

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