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Vizio CinemaWide 3D TV

The new VIZIO CinemaWide 50 and 58 inches 3D TV set has -as its name implies- an aspect ratio of 21:9 but it also offers 120 Hz, 1,000,000:1 contrast ratio, Full HD3D, plus wired and wireless Internet connectivity. It uses passive glasses technology for 3D, so 3D glasses at 2$ apiece are OK.

The large format means you can put a full HD (3D or not) movie and screen along with EPG and other info (i.e. Facebook) on the side.... Resolution is 2560x1080 pixels so there is a 640 pixels zone on the left of the 16:9 image for additional stuff.

vizio-3D-TV 250px

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Princess Leia on your Living Room Table?

Japanese technology company Burton was showcasing its Aerial True 3D display at CES 2012. The display makes use of lasers to create a volumetric display in the air, just as the Princess Leia avatar in Star Wars. The laser ionizes molecules of oxygen and nitrogen of the air enough for them to emit light. Full HD and non-green colors seems to remain a few years in the future however.

The display is really done in volume and the 3D effect don't require any special glasses. Watch the CNET showcase video here under. This Sci-Fi display will be visible agoin at Imagina 2012 from 7 to 9 February 2012 in Monaco.

 Aerial-true-3D 250px

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Scorsese's third Golden Globe for Hugo

Martin Scorsese' first 3D movie "Hugo" was received extremely well and the confirmation came yesterday with a third Golden Globe award for best director. Scorsese's innovative use of strong 3D effects combined with heavy focus blur, clever lighting and superb camera moves have been universally appreciated by moviegoers and the Golden Globes jury as well.

Marty-Scorsese 250px

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iPad 3 will be 3D ?

Display manufacturer CPT already demonstrated a glasses-free 3D display for the future iPad3 in 2011. Will it become reality? A Computerworld paper published today indicates that at least Apple is working on new 3D-based gesture interfaces for its iOS devices. Imagine a processor several times faster thant the actual one, a better Siri A.I. and an autostereoscopic display; that will make a pretty desirable iPad3 ...

 iPad-3D 250px

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Costa Concordia: Tragic Friday 13 in a 4D cinema

The 3,200 passengers aboard the Costa Concordia cruise liner were enjoying a night of entertainment and relaxation off Italy's Mediterranean coast when tragedy hit them. Some of them paid the 8€ ticket (polarized glasses included) to enjoy 12-minutes stereoscopic short movies in the 4D theater with moving seats and special effects including wind, water sprays, and small. From now, only one of those special effects remain on the offer...

The ship was built in 2006 and the 4D cinema was installed in 2010.

costa-Concordia 250px 

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