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Cyclopital 3D Wide Angle Lens for Fuji W3

Cyclopital 3D ( Fort Collins, CO, USA) is selling an optical add-on giving your Fuji W1 or W2 stereoscopic still  camera a doubled field of view.

Wider angle 3D photos are great when you can't back up enough to get everyone or everything in the picture or you can also leave it on all the time to capture more of every scene you photograph. The results you can achieve with this adapter can be amazing 3D photos! Expand your photographic capabilites now! 

cyclopital-lens-adapter 250px


With its new online "Steregranimator", the New York Public Library lets you make 3D anaglyphs or "wiggle"animated GIFs from 100-year old stereoscopic photos from its 40,000 large collection.

Earlier this week, NYPL Labs debuted its Stereogranimator tool that lets you resurrect the old stereoscopic 3D effect in animated "Wiggle" GIFs or red and cyan 3D anaglyphs.

tightrope-side-by-side 250px


Lolita Jolie - La Première fois

Alaric Hamacher and its team at Virtual Experience strike again! After its "HuberBuam" mountain-climbing documentary, he is back with a 3D musical clip for Planet Punk Music, called "Lolita Jolie - La Première fois". Watch the clip here under in 3D!

Lolita-3D-shot 250px

Create Your 3D Web Site with Orbcreation

Orbcreation is a new platform that allows individuals, charities and businesses to create their own stereoscopic 3D virtual world websites. , has gone live.Based on the Unity 3D platform Orbcreation allows you to create unique 'Second Life' style 3D environments using pre-built templates via a drag and drop interface.

It will be later possible to design your own elements, or ‘Orblets’, using free 3D modeling tools such as Google Sketchup, and event to submit your 3D objectss for other Orbcreation users to purchase.

Orbcreation 250px

Stereo 3D Calculator Discount

Innoventive Software is pleased to support the National Stereoscopic 3D Training programme (Bristol, UK), by offering special limited-time, discount pricing on both the RealD Professional Stereo 3D Calculator for iOS and FrameForge Previz Studio for Macintosh & Windows. Details and coupon here under.

Real D_Stereoscopic_Calculator

3D Video of the Day

Digital Stereoscopy For Sale 29.99$

digital-stereoscopy-kindle 200px

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