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Pioneer "Floating Display"

The naked-eye 3D "Floating Display" Pioneer recently showed in Tokyo lets users view videos “floating” in space, embedded in a prototype car navigation system. The display also lets you interact with images through gestures, for example by swiping your hand over them or pushing them with your fingers.


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Good 3D sound required

Good 3D cinema requires a (very) large screen and a (very) powerful sound system. The message was heard by the team behind the refurbishing of the WARD cinemas in Hawaii oneyear ago in June 2010, just in time for the ToyStory3 opening. They called it "Titan Extreme Cinema", then  installed a wall-to-wall 66 feet (20 meters) screen by Harkness-Hall in front of a brand new digital projector and a rack full of XpanD glasses. But the highlight of the system comes from the sound setup offering 75,000 watts, five times the power available at a typical auditorium. To check how good it is, you need to take a break in Hawaii...


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YouTube Now Compatible With Nvidia 3D Vision

YouTube's 3D mode has been extended to add a new mode of display, with the addition of support for NVIDIA's 3D Vision. This imples your browser is HTML5 compatible. So far, only Firefox 4 offers compatibility; others are expected soon.


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Samsung AF315 All-in-One PC is for girls

The AF315 has a big 23-inch LCD that you can watch through active shutter 3D glasses. Inside you will find a Core i5 CPU, on 1,000 Gb hard disk, USB 3.0, TV receiver, 3D Blu-ray player, remote control, and a wireless keyboard / mouse combo.


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