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Lytro Launches a nee Depth-Aware DSLR camera

 Lytro is known for its lightfield cameras. The second generation of those strage beasts is out and it is called "Illium". It is available as pre-order for US$1499, a $100 discount from the US$1599 MSSRP.

The camera outputs a maximum of 4 megapxels in 2D, but it records lighr from a scene in such a way that post-refocus and post-reframing is possible, something impossible with any of-the-shelft DSLR camera. The illium weights 940 grams (2 lbs) and has a focal length equivalent to 30-250 mm.

Lytro-Illium 200px

"How to Train Your Dragon 2" Released in 3D on June 13, 2014

DreamWorks Animation and 20th Century Fox's How to Train Your Dragon 2 is coming in Imax 3D format this June.

Watch the trailer here under!

httyd2 420px

"Eight Days: The Two Faces of Feast" Opens in 3D in Korea

"Eight Days: The Two Faces of Feast’’ is a 3D stereoscopic recreation of a Joseon Kingdom (1392-1910) royal parade, is an intelligent and visually stunning work which opens in Korean theaters this week.

The movie is a remake of KBS television’s series on King Jeongjo (1752-1800) and his famous eight-day parade from his palace to Suwon’s Hwaseong Fortress in 1759, which aired in October 2013 in Korea.

Eight-Days 250px

"Rising Resident Evil" Will Definitely be in 3D

To the ongoing Beijing International Film Festival, where director Paul W.S. Anderson has attended the 3D film summit to discuss how stereoscopic 3D will shape the film industry of the future.

The director, playwright and producer of the five-episode "Resident Evil" franchise says that Chinese actress Li Bingbing will appear in the coming  "Rising Resident Evil" sequel. 

Anderson 250px

Paramount and CFC Team for "Marco Polo 3D"

According to HollywoodReporter and Deadline, Paramount and China Film Group will coproduce "Marco Polo", a stereoscopic 3D blockbuster. With a budget estimated in tens of millions and shooting starting in 2014, the fantasy-action movie will tell the story of Marco Polo, one of the first Europeans to travel in China.

A few days ago China Film Group announced its participation in Legendary Entertainment's forthcoming Warcraft and Seventh Son projects.

 marco-polo 250px

3D Video of the Day

Digital Stereoscopy For Sale 29.99$

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