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Orbbec Persee is the First 3D Camera-Computer

Orbbec Persee is the First 3D Camera-Computer and it is now available on Indiegogo. The crowdfunding campaign is already a huge success with over 200% funding and 23 days laft at the time of writing this. Buying a "Persee Super Early Bird" will cost you $179.

Persee is a crowdfunded technology that brings together an integrated ARM computer that runs applications without requiring an external processing source and a 3D, depth perceiving camera.

Persee 320px

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Sony DEV-50 Binoculars Record 3D HD Video

Sony (Japan) offers the DEV50 Digital Binoculars with Full HD 3D Recording for some tme now, but at $1,999.99 they offer still very good value for money . With a digital stabilizer and a x12 optical (x25 digital) zoom, the DEV-50 are splash- and dust-proof, light and easy to carry. 

On top of recording geotagged 3D video, the DEV-50 is also taking still pictures at 20 megapixels in 2D, so hunters, birders, whale-watchers, and plane spotters will love it.

DEV50 320px

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Trilite Large-scale Autostereoscopic Outdoor Displays

 State-of-the-art glasses-free stereoscopic 3D displays are often limited in size, e ffective brightness, number of 3D viewing zones, and maximum 3D viewing distances, all of which are mandatory requirements for large-scale outdoor displays. Conventional autostereoscopic indoor concepts like lenticular lenses or parallax barriers cannot simply be adapted for these screens due to the inherent loss of eff ective resolution and brightness, which would reduce both image quality and sunlight readability.

TriLite Technologies (Vienna, Austria) is developing a modular autostereoscopic multi-view display with full sunlight readability and up to several thousand 3D viewing zones.

 trilite 320px

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3D Cameras are Secretly Suggled in Syria

 The Times reported that the Oxford-based Institute for Digital Archaeology (IDA) will see thousands of cheap stereoscopic 3D cameras being sent to the areas most under threat. If the treasures they photograph are destroyed by Isis, archaeologists at Oxford and Harvard will harness 3D printing technology to reconstruct them.

 Palmyra 320px

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Follow Watney's Route Across Mars in 3D

Professor Ralf Jaumann and his team of scientists at the DLR Institute of Planetary Research ( Köln, Germany)  used images from Mars Express's high-resolution stereoscopic camera to reconstruct Watney's route across Mars from the movie "The Martian". Watch the video here under in 3D!

Martian3D 320px

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